Recruit a European doctor

Recruit a European doctor

Facturation au succès

Facturation au succès

Votre réussite, notre réussite !

Un accompagnement complet !

Un accompagnement complet !

Accompagnement personnel et familial ultra-personnalisé !

Un système de facturation rassurant!

Un système de facturation rassurant!

Un système de facturation rassurant et sans engagement !

Les meilleurs talents !

Les meilleurs talents !

Des candidats francophones, inscrits à l'ordre, avec un projet solide !

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Our service vision :

In 2013, after having met hundreds of directors of healthcare establishments, we were convinced that there was still a place for a company dedicated to medical recruitment , a different company. This company will be called Euromotion Medical . "Euro" for Europe, "Motion" for mobility, "Medical" to highlight our expertise in recruiting a doctor .

Here is what we believe :

  • To attract the best talent, it is necessary to innovate , constantly. Previously, we recruited with classic job boards, today with social networks ... Euromotion is already thinking about tomorrow!

  • To retain the best talents , it is necessary to support them personally , physically, and we can imagine that between preparing a certification file, defending your budgets with the authorities and managing replacements on a daily basis, you do not necessarily have the time. to support your new employee in their daily procedures. This is the reason why we exist.

  • Recruitment (today) is above all a job of communication and effective network creation. This is the reason why we are developing our physical and virtual network. Since 2013, there are thousands of doctors that we have met or with whom we have spoken. It is very likely that we already know the contact details of your future doctor!

  • To offer qualitative support to candidates, a natural empathy of the expatriation situation is necessary. This is why all Euromotion Medical employees have life experience abroad, whether in England, Italy, Romania, Australia, Morocco or China.

What we offer :

  • A new experience in medical recruitment, based on shared success

  • An ultra-developed sense of service

  • Successful invoicing

  • Complete (real) support

Want to know more ? Let's meet up ! You can also browse our services below.

Our services

"Successful integration" audit

Measure your integration potential for your new employees. Euromotion Medical has developed a tool allowing you to situate yourself and deploy an attractive reception policy. Our service takes place over 2 days, immersed in your establishment. As a result, valuable recommendations to retain your employees.

To obtain our prices for this service, contact us .


Do you want to recruit a European doctor ? You define your criteria (experience, level in French, specialty, first experience in France ...) and entrust your research to Euromotion Medical.

By pushing back the borders, we will offer you as soon as possible a candidate with a European diploma who can immediately be registered with the council of the order.

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French courses

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

As a training center, Euromotion Medical is able to offer an upgrade in French so that your future employee is fully operational. From 8 p.m. to 480 a.m. (level B2), our offer is wide and adapts to your needs. Program: General French medical vocabulary courses on French culture, etc ...

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Installation assistance

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A new employee will settle for the long term in your establishment if he benefits from a quality integration . Euromotion Medical therefore assists your new recruit in all the installation procedures: recognition of diplomas, search for accommodation, enrollment of children in school, advice for daily life ... The guide "Bienvenue en France" is systematically handed over and a special telephone line is dedicated to new arrivals.

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Our promise: Your new employee will never feel alone during this transition period.

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Integration monitoring

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You just integrate a new employee in your team. We support you in your integration with the help of regular exchanges and meetings . Why is this so important to us? Quite simply for the sustainability of our business. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with our services and thus recommend us to other customers.

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Sustainable Development & Ethics

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At Euromotion, we want to positively impact our environment :

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1.By promoting the dematerialization of data

2. By favoring the use of public transport, whenever possible.

3.The promoting modern technological tools: phone, Skype, email, etc ...

... Consult our ethics charter !