Art de vivre, France

Art de vivre, France

Mont Saint-michel, France

Mont Saint-michel, France

Lavande, Provence, France

Lavande, Provence, France

La Petite France, Strasbourg, France

La Petite France, Strasbourg, France

Paris, Ville lumière, France

Paris, Ville lumière, France

Doctor: why and how to work in France?

Why work in France ?
  1. The healthcare system in France is regularly quoted as one as the most efficient in the world, especially concerning the organization, the equipments or the work conditions.
  2. For the professional experience : by working abroad, you will discover new work process. This rewarding experience will be an advantage for your carrier.

  3. For the quality of life in France : Geography, climate, airports, highways, education system of quality, social system of quality... and of course, for the French gastronomy.

  4. For a high salary: a salaried doctor in France receives a salary of € 4,000 to € 8,000 net per month, depending on his specialty. A private practice doctor can receive from € 4,000 to € 15,000 net per month depending on his activity.

  5. Finally, or proximity. With the democratization of aerial transports, and significative number of days off in France, you could easily come back to your origin place to visit your family or your friends. 

Find your dream job :
Our company, Euromotion Medical, has a permanent contact with health structures which are recruiting new talents.
Are you a ​Doctor with a degree of the European Union ? Would you like to work abroad, especially in France ? Please, meet us to talk about your project !

In relation with your project and your expectations, we will offer to you several positions and will arrange the interviews with our clients : first of all, by skype or phone, and secondly, by face-to-face. We will help you to negotiate your work contrat. It's our interest to negociate the best conditions for you. 

You are interested by working in another country in Europe ? Please, send us a message ! We could offer you opportunities in the entire European countries... And obviously, languages courses are free of charge for our applicants !

Learning French :
Depending on your level and your speciality, Euromotion Medical could provide French lessons for free, for an intensive training period from 1 to 4 months (until 480h). 
​Together, we have found your dream job and you need to improve your French level to be operational quickly... Euromotion Medical provide you French lessons ! You will integrate a small group to reach B2 level. At the end of this period, you are ready to begin your new professional life as a physician in France.

Euromotion Medical takes care of you and your family

Installation assistance:
We provide assistance in all your paperwork ! 

​​​​We assist you in all your administrative procedures : degree equivalence, relocation, housing, school registration for your children, daily life advice...

Our promise : you will never feel alone during this transition period. 

We will offer you the guide "Welcome in France" which describes all the life situations you could meet in you daily life. Of course, we remain constantly at your disposal. You could contact us when you want by phone.

Integration tracking :

Have you just started a new job, in France ?

We offer to assist you by meeting us every 3 months with other applicants. What is the best way to develop a new personal network in your new country than meeting us ?

Naturally, we will remain in touch during the first weeks to make sure you're satisfied in your new job and your new life !

Doctor: how to work in France?

To work in France, you must request an equivalency for your diploma. The minimum level of French required is B1. Please, send us Your CV to receive the file to register to the French Medical Council. Of course, all of our services are free for applicants.

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Let's meet !


We are a human-sized medical recruitment agency. Our vision : to offer the best service to our clients and our applicants.

Our values : Trust, Transparency, Kindness. We are restless to meet you and define your project... And of course, to help you to achieve it !  -Let's meet ! "  

Cédric Desmoulins, Founder and Associate Director of Euromotion Medical