Ethics: Our 11 principles

At Euromotion, we are proud to impact positively the surrounding world. Each employee shares our 11 principles. Our activity, our business vision is guided by the principles or "the with book of ethics" written by Jacques Benoit.
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1. Non-discrimination: we work in a widely non-discrimination vision. We consider applicants equals. We involve and involve our clients to consider only the skills without consideration of the following elements: origins, gender, family situation, pregnancy state, physical appearance, family name, health state, disability, genetical characteristics, morals, orientation or identity sexual, ages, political opinion, trade union activities, supposed membership or non membership of an ethnic group, a country, race or religion. If one of our clients doesn't share our principles, we stop our partnership.

2. Compensation: we only receive a compensation from our clients (hospital, clinic ...). they pay us to recruit an applicant. We will never receive a compensation from an applicant.

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3. Competition: we respect loyal competition. we recruit only in Europe and we don't recruit the candidates who have been recruited by our competitors. Besides, we don't have any exclusive condition in our contract. If we don't have a success on a contract, it's only because we are not the best.

4. Integration: we accompany our candidates in all the administrative procedures in France. We organize every 3 months a meeting with all our applicants. Those special event help them to have new friend in their new country.

5. Confidentiality: we respect the confidentiality of recruitment process of our clients and applicants. Before appearing in our references, we automatically ask agreement of our clients.

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6. Transparency: we are involved in offering a transparency relationship, in every topics. We guarantee the dates and the respect of our commitments. We communicate immediately if there is a problem.

7. Information: we guarantee to transmit only verified information.

8. Professional exchanges: our wish is to promote the professional and international exchanges. We don't wish to destabilize the demographic balance between countries. First of all, we recruit employees who are interested by living a life experience abroad for a limited duration (3 to 10 years) and promote the applicants to come back after a work experience in their original country to share their experience with medical staff.

9. Sustainable development: we promote data dematerialization. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

10. Family support: we establish partneships with companies for the employment of spouses.

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11. Societal commitment: Every year, since the first day of the existence of our agency, we donate a part of our profit to the association ” A Each Son Cap ”. This association allows children suffering from leukemia to escape a few days at the sea, far from the disease. To donate to this association, click here .

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"We are a human-sized medical recruitment agency. Our vision: to offer the best service to our clients and our applicants.

Our values: trust, transparency, humility. We are restless to meet you and define your project ... And of course, to help you to achieve it! Meet us! "

Cédric Desmoulins, Founder and Managing Director of Euromotion Medical